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11041 Leather heart pendant

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Leather jewellery

Cool leather jewellery can be made in many different ways, most is made by cutting leather pieces for either bracelets or as pendant. The leather is sewed with cross stitches. Lock and pendant is assembled on a leather strap.


Cut 2 simelar hearts after the templet. Put them on each other and make a hole with a punch pliers all around the edge of the heart. Sew the hearts with cross stitches, but let 2 cm open. Fill the heart with stuffings from a polyester pillow.


Assemble the drop pin by taking of the bead and putting it trough the middle of the heart. The bead is put on again. Sew the rest of the heart and twirl the treads together and hid it inside the heart.


Assemble the pendant with a round jump ring through the eye of the drop pin. Pull a leather cord through the round jump ring and put a metal cube bead over both ends of the leather cord. Tie the cords with a knot.

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