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11393 Beenwarmers en ronde sjaal

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Gebreid op een knitting loom

Beenwarmers en ronde sjaal gebreid op een knitting loom met Barcelona garen. De prachtige bloemen zijn gemaakt op een Knit-Wit loom voor ronde rozettes met Melbourne garen.

Instructions are included in the knitting loom and Knit-Wit loom.

Leg warmers: 30cm
Wool requirements: 4 balls of yarn

Neck gaiter: 45cm
Wool requirements: 6 balls of yarn.


Make stitches by bringing the wool around the pegs from behind, around the whole of the knitting loom, twice round.


Lift the lower row over the upper row and off the pegs. Continue until you have reached the desired length.


Cast off by knitting as described in step 2.


Lift the knitted stitch off and put it onto the peg to the left.


Knit the stitch and lift it back …


to the peg on the right.

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