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12942 Uitnodiging en tafeldecoratie met madeliefjes

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Roze en witte kaarten en decoraties met madeliefjes

Deze kaartenserie is gemaakt door de volgende onderdelen op blanco karton te bevestigen: bloemrijk Vivi Gade Design papier (de Skagen serie) en karton uit de Color Bar serie. Decoreer de kaart met uitgestanste madeliefjes, zelfklevende halve parels en katoenkoord. De tafeldecoratie is een glazen hart en een vouwdoos.


Cut a piece of Color Bar card and a piece of Vivi Gade Design paper slightly smaller than the blank greeting card. Attach the card and paper onto the front of the card inside the printed decorative laced frame using double-sided adhesive tape.


Attach a punched-out paper heart onto the card with 3D foam pads.


Attach a punched-out daisy to the heart using double-sided adhesive tape.


Attach a self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearl in the middle of the daisy.


Menu card: Cut a piece of white card measuring 27 x 16cm. Score three equal parts with a bone folder and fold to make a tri-fold card.


Attach a piece of paper to each of the three sections. Each piece of paper should be 0.5cm smaller on all four sides than the actual section.


Attach the printed menu onto the middle section of the card. Decorate with a daisy and a self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearl. Assemble the card with a waxed cotton cord threaded through holes made with hole punch pliers.


Table decoration: Attach Vivi Gade Design paper to the underneath of the glass heart. We have used decoupage lacquer for glass and porcelain for this purpose. Remember: apply glue to the front of the paper and attach the front of the paper to the underneath of the glass heart. Write date and text on the front of the glass heart using a glass and porcelain marker.

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