11289 Kaarten met stempels

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin


Kaart gemaakt met stempels op wit karton. Details naar voren gehaald met 3D foam pad. De gestreepte lijst benadrukt de rand van de kaart.


Cut a piece of white card measuring 7 x 12.5cm. Put the silicone stamp onto the acrylic block, and with a foam brush dab on blue Paper Soft Color and stamp, so that the design goes a bit over the edge of the card. Also stamp some green crowns over the heads of the lions.


Cut a piece of patterned paper with stripes measuring 9 x 12.5cm. Put it onto the card with double-sided adhesive tape and put the stamped piece of card on top. Stamp a lion on an extra piece of paper and cut it out.  Smear the edge with blue Paper Soft Color. Put it onto the card with 3D pads, slightly staggering the second lion.

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