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12943 Uitnodiging met kerk en vlinders

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Kaart met kerk en vlinders

Deze serie kaarten is gemaakt door een kerk van ColorBar karton te bevestigen op een kaart. Omlijn de kerk met een goudkleurige pen. Decoreer vervolgens met een metalen kruis en uitgestanste vlinders. Als tafeldecoratie zijn de vlinders van papier-mâché gebruikt.


Print out the two church templates. Follow the procedure as shown; attach templates onto the pieces of card using sticky tape and cut out the parts. Make sure that the cut-out black church is slightly larger than the white cut-out church and that the black cut-out door is slightly larger than the brown cut-out door. This  makes a lovely contour when assembling the parts in layers on the greeting card.


Cut out the church from white card, the door from brown card and the windows from black card.


Attach the church parts in layers using double-sided adhesive tape.


Cut out a sign and write text with a gold marker pen. You may use the gold marker pen for outlining the windows and door and along the edges.


Attach small pieces of double-sided adhesive tape to the back of the metal cross and attach it to the church tower.


Attach the sign with 3D foam pads.


Attach a punched-out butterfly with double-sided adhesive tape.


Table decoration: a  papier-mâché butterfly and mini clothes pegs painted with Plus Color acrylic craft paint.


Decorate the painted papier-mâché butterfly using a gold marker pen. Write the names of the bride and groom on the butterfly and attach paper butterflies.


Make menu cards and table cards following the same procedure as the wedding invitation.

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