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12684 Kerstbomen van vilt

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin


Kerstbomen en dieren zijn geknipt uit 3mm vilt en gedecoreerd met stiften en pailletten.


Cut out the two Christmas tree shapes using the template.


Cut a slit from the base and 2/3 up on one Christmas tree and from the top and 1/3 down on the other Christmas tree.


Assemble the two pieces and fix them in place with a glue gun.


Make small glue dots with a Clear Marker and place the sequins in the dots. You may use a glue pen for picking up the sequins.


Shape a star from a pipe cleaner and glue it onto the Christmas tree.


Make holes for hanging decorations or bells using revolving punch pliers.

See other variants.

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