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12488 Ketting met veren en kralen

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Indiaanse sieraden

Dit is een vrouwelijke, Indiaanse ketting met veren en Indiaanse kralen op een leerkoord.


Glue the guinea fowl feather into an end cap.


Attach a round jump ring to the loop of the end cap.


Cut a piece of leather cord measuring 150cm and thread the pendants onto the cord. The cord is now doubled over. Cut a 60cm long piece of leather cord and braid around the doubled over piece of cord. See the technique described in our  Jewellery School.


Half-way through the braiding, thread a bead onto the two middle cords (the doubled over piece of cord).


Now secure the ends from the braiding using a darning needle.


Approx. 12cm from the braiding, tie a single knot on each of the two cords and thread beads onto each cord. The holes of the beads vary in size.


Trim the leather cords. Put some glue inside the bead and insert the ends of each piece of cord into the bead.

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