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12122 Een prachtige kersttafel

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Decoraties voor de Kersttafel

De bomen en de decoraties zijn gemaakt door bloemendraad/ijzerdraad in elkaar te drukken, te bestrooien met glitter en te bestrijken met Pop Up Line. De schaal en de knijpers zijn geverfd met Plus Color.


Cut the flower sticks into desired lengths and sharpen one end with a pencil sharpener.


Wind up some floral wire, scrunch together and form into a tree shape. Also form small hearts for place cards and square napkin rings.


Push the flower stick through and lock the floral wire at the bottom.


Apply a generous layer of Pop Up Line. Gently brush across the floral wires.


Immediately sprinkle glitter onto the tree. Allow to dry completely.


Pop up the Line either with a heat gun or in the oven at 150° C for no more than 3 minutes.


Fill the bowl with clay and immediately paint the clay with white Plus Color.


Sprinkle Decorative glitter in the wet paint. Glue the star onto the tree and push the flower stick into the clay.


Glue the floral wire heart onto the place card. Write the name with a piece of chalk.


Glue a feather onto the glass bird’s tail and fasten it onto the napkin ring.


Make dots on the painted clothes pegs using the end of the brush handle.

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