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11506 Community singing in heavy sea

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Card series cut in card and decorated with fish. Fiskars wave border punch is used for making flood waves.


Start by cutting all the parts out. The texts can be typed on the computer before cutting.


White: 12.5 x 25cm folded – 9 x 4cm with text.
White waves: 11.5 x 7cm – 11.5 x 5cm, punch a border.
Turquoise: 11.5 x 11.5cm and 11.5 x 4.5cm, punch a border.
Dark blue: 9.5 x 4.5cm and 11.5 x 7, punch a border.

Menu card:

White: 21 x 12cm – 13 x 8cm with text.

White waves: 11 x 8cm – 11 x 6.5cm, punch a border.
Turquoise: 11 x 20cm and 11 x 5.5cm, punch a border.
Dark blue: 14 x 8.5cm and 11 x 8cm, punch a border.

Place cards:

White: 10 x 12cm folded – 6.5 x 3cm with text.
White waves: 9 x 3cm, punch a border.
Turquoise: 9 x 5.5cm and 9 x 2.5cm, punch a border.
Dark blue: 7 x 3.5cm and 9 x 4cm, punch a border.


First glue on the turquoise background, then the dark blue and then the white text square and finally the waves. A row of waves may be attached with 3D foam pads to create an effect.


Decorate with fish and white bubbles from a hole punch or a hand punch. Finish with water drops made with a transparent Gloss Gel.


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