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12074 Kerstballen met Vivi Gade stof

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin

Kerstballen van stof

Deze ballen van styropor zijn bedekt met stukken stof van de Vivi Gade stof serie en omgetoverd in de prachtigste kerstballen door het aanbrengen van een laag A-color Allround medium lijmlak.

Varnished with A-color Allround medium glue lacquer. Hung on a piece of paper string with painted wooden beads.


Cut small “pieces” of Vivi Gade fabric and glue them onto the polystyrene ball with A-color Allround medium glue lacquer. Also apply A-color Allround medium glue lacquer on top of the glued on pieces of fabric.


When the glue is dry, apply another coat of A-color Allround medium glue lacquer.


Paint wooden beads with red and white Plus Color.


Make a hole in the polystyrene ball. Thread the painted beads onto a piece of two-coloured paper string which is glued in place in the hole.

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