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1125 Transfer Designs op T-Shirts

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Call Me

We hebben de afbeelding van de oranje telefoon op internet gevonden, deze afgedrukt op Transfer Paper geprint en vervolgens op het T-shirt gestreken.


Choose a design and print it onto Transfer Paper (use an Ink Jet printer).


Cut out the design to your desired shape (you may draw the outline with a pencil first…).


Separate the backing paper from the transfer.


Place the design on the t-shirt and iron it onto the t-shirt. Put a piece of grease proof paper between the design and the iron. (Turn the iron dial onto “cotton” – fix the print by pressing moving the iron firmly for approx. 1 minute). Let the print cool for a few minutes. Then remove the grease proof paper.


Finally decorate with stamp printing using Textil Solid fabric paint.


Instructions are included with the transfer paper in case of any doubt.
Find cool designs on your computer or take your own pictures and print them out.
This is a super activity for slightly older children who want to create their very own cool t-shirt.

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