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11169 Gedrapeerd masker

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Gedrapeerd masker

Een prachtig masker voor de muur gemaakt op een papier-mâché masker bedekt met Micro Suede ingesmeerd met VTR adhesive. Gedecoreerd met jute, veren en kralen. Een grappige activiteit.


Cut an oval piece of Micro Suede measuring approx. 40cm in length. Smear it well with VTR adhesive.


Cut a long piece of hessian and unravel the sides for a rustic look and rub it well with VTR Adhesive.

Both hessian and Micro Suede must be completely wet through with VTR adhesive.
Drape the fabric onto the mask with creases on the sides. Let the mask dry completely.


Use hole punch pliers to cut a hole in the side for the strings of raffia with beads. Glue on beads, raffia and hessian pieces with a glue gun. Make a small hole for hanging or tie a string onto the top.

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