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12120 Kegel van vellum papier

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Prachtige kerstdecoratie

De kegel is gevouwen van uitgestanst vellum papier en gedecoreerd met rub-on stickers, bloemlint, metalen engelen en prachtige geborduurde bloemen.


Draw two arcs on the back of the cone with a pair of compasses.


Cut a lace border from the sheet. Rub it along the pencil line from the front. Make one arc at a time.


For each arc, lift the protective layer on the right hand side. Use your left hand to slightly turn the lace to follow drawn curve of the arc. By doing so, a small pleat is made. Rub the arc firmly in place. Rub out the pencil lines on the back.


Attach special double-sided adhesive tape onto the flap, and fold inwards.


Assemble the cone.


Attach special double-sided adhesive tape onto the handle.


Glue flower ribbon onto the handle.


Attach the handle onto the cone.


Attach flower ribbon around the edge of the cone. You may use 3mm special double-sided adhesive tape.


Cut two pieces of cotton ribbon. Tie a bow with long ends on each side of the handle. (You may have to cut off a flower from the ribbon to make room).


Use special double-sided adhesive tape to attach a metal angel and an embroidered flower.

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