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12040 Zonnige kerst met vlechtstroken

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin

Vederlichte decoraties

Deze decoratie is gemaakt van twee papieren vlechtstroken die iets smaller geknipt zijn, gebogen en op een rond karton gelijmd zijn.

If the decoration is intended as a gift, you may glue a photo onto the card circle rather than a wood sticker.


Divide each of the two narrow weaving paper strips into four equal pieces.


Punch out two card circles using the Squeeze Punch.


Double over six of the weaving paper strips and glue them onto the card disc with Clear Marker as shown in the photo.


Glue a piece of silver thread onto the back of the card circle together with two or three feathers.


Glue a card circle on top.


Attach a wood sticker onto both sides and decorate the silver thread with a couple of mother-of-pearl beads.

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