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1594 Paashazen in de pot

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin


Paashazen in een terracotta bloempot – dehaas is gemaakt van styropor, Silk Clay, foam en geverfd met A-Color Metallic verf.


The small Easter animals, which are easy to make for small children, are made from polystyrene eggs and balls painted with A-color metallic paint. Eyes, eggshells, noses and paws are made from Silk Clay and the ears are cut out from foam rubber. TIP: If gluing is required for the foam rubber etc. this is easily done with Clear Marker. The Easter animals are placed in a small flowerpot. This idea is also great for teddy bears, trolls and other funny creatures.

Chicken in an egg

It is a good idea to make the egg shell first and then let it dry for a couple of hours whilst making the rest. Then cut some cracks in the shell and then glue the chicken onto the polystyrene egg.

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